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2NE1, by TsukiNita 2NE1, by TsukiNita
2NE1 :love:
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teddychanfanatic Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
I never got to tell you this, but I used your image for my blog! It's not on there now, but I'm making another post and linking your DeviantArt page to it. I added a few words to it (my blog title) and I'm really sorry I never got to tell you so you could see it while it was up. Your artwork is amazing BTW.
My blog site is
TsukiNita Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Usually I'm happy to know that somebody liked my wallpaper so much that she wants to use it, but wasn't happy with you using and writing things in it without my permission. If you wanted to use it as a banner for your blog, you could have just asked, and I would have let you! I could even have edited and done some stuff for you in it. And even if I didn't let you for whatever reason, it's a right that I have, because it's me who editted it, not you.

I'm sorry if I'm beig rude, but i didn't like what you did, and I hope i won't happen again. as I said, if you want to borrow one of my wallpapers, ASK. And not just with me, if you want to use any work here in this site, or even if it's not in the internet, you should ask permission first. And even if I didn't like what you did in the first place, thank you for telling me, I apreciate it.
teddychanfanatic Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
You have every reason to be mad, and don't apologize. I should apologize and I am sorry that I used your work without permission. I know how it would make me feel if I someone took my work and didn't tell me about it, and I feel bad that I'm the one at fault in this incident and I take full responsibility for my actions. I was looking for graphics and asked other artists that I was interested in if I could use it, and I had forgotten to ask you, that's why I came back and told you about it. Please forgive my forgetful and reckless behavior, and don't worry, it won't happen again.
yumireiku Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
if you live in the US, and love 2NE1, or ANY K-pop, visit and read this!

*not spamming, i SWEAR it has to do with 2NE1!
pa3lina Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Student Photographer
hipcullen Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Student Interface Designer
I love this~
The girls are soooo cool~
destianna Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loved this shoot. These girls are so gorgeous. Lovely wallpaper!
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April 4, 2010
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